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Intelligent finance solutions

Rimilia delivers the power to predict customer payment behaviour, auto-match and reconcile payments to drive a better cash position. With Rimilia, you can do this in any country (in any currency), any sector or market and with any ERP system.

Our intelligent finance platform is broken down into three components, that are designed to modernise and automate enterprise businesses and organisations; Credit management and collection; multi-currency cash allocation and reconciliation; and dynamic analytics and forecasting.

Cash allocation

With Rimilia, you can automate repetitive processes, reduce manual effort and significantly improve your matching rates and clear down times. This is a fully inclusive (any payment type, Remittances) solution and has unrivalled match rates and clear down times, all in a controlled and secure environment.

Our award winning cash solution has taken the market by storm, with over 150 pre-built match rules, and unrivalled match rates of 95% with a simple out of the box delivery model offered to any company, in any country, using any ERP and any bank files.

Encompassing a built-in intelligent remittance and fast cheque capture, Alloc8 Cash is now recognised as the world’s leading solution in cash allocation.

  • Up to 96% match rate including multi-currency
  • 95% cash allocated by 9am every day
  • Average 70% reduction in manual activity
  • Full audit and control
  • Benchmarked by Hackett Group as Best in Class
  • Interactive and intuitive to use

Credit management and credit collection

Your collections team need all the help they can get. With Rimilia, you can focus resources on the important tasks and leave behind traditional methods of collecting data from sheets and sales ledgers. Our intelligent finance platform will change the way you work from day one.

Also by seeing the cash as it hits the bank, you get a real-time view and don’t have to wait to have the cash applied, providing more detailed information about your client and how they pay you.

Complementing the Rimilia product suite or as a standalone solution, Alloc8 collect will change the way you look at credit collections.

It’s simple, no fuss set up means you can be up and running very quickly and benefiting from the intelligent predictive analytics that Alloc8 Collect provides.

The solution works alongside your sales ledger to provide a real in-depth and simple insight into your customer behaviour. Predicting the payment patterns of all your customers, highlighting when a customer will pay and alerting you when an action is required or when a customer payment trend changes.

This allows you to call the right customers at the right time, on every occasion.

  • Easy to set up – with full support from our in-house team
  • Works with any ERP system for seamless integration
  • Allows action-taking decisions to be made quickly
  • Real-time data at your fingertips
  • Increases team efficiency and allows better flexibility
  • Will show ROI in less than twelve months.

Bank reconciliation

Anyone involved in bank reconciliation will understand that it is a repetitive and laborious task. The inherent issue is that when using spreadsheets to do this process, finance teams are faced with an uncontrolled environment – and nobody wants that.

The key words we like to use in bank reconciliation when talking to our customers are efficiency, error-free and auditable.

Rimilia’s intelligent finance solution for reconciliation provides an unrivalled automatch rate of 98%.

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine powers the matching of millions of transactions in real-time. Removing manual tasks from the process, not only speeds up the time it takes to clear the bank, but does so with zero errors. This allows finance teams to reallocate resource into more value-added tasks.

When it comes to audit, our built-in tools allow our customers to create a full digital audit trail and sign off process.

There is no other way to do bank reconciliation – and there’s not a marker pen in sight.

  • Self-learning engine to automatically match bank to general ledger up to 98% within minutes, every day
  • Multiple bank files and formats loaded in seconds
  • Full digital audit trail and sign off process
  • Imports and aggregates multiple diverse data sets
  • Advanced dashboard and real-time reporting

Dynamic analytics and artificial intelligence

Cash flow is the lifeblood of every business and accurately forecasting the cash that will flow into a business on a daily, weekly or monthly basis is crucial to ensure there are sufficient funds available to meet the organisations financial commitments. Rimilia’s intelligent finance platform allows organisations to see ahead by predicting customer behaviour.

This ability to forecast and predict payments and collections behaviour is the cornerstone of our system; delivering credit managers and their teams real-time visibility of their cash position.

Rimilia’s intelligent finance platform allows organisations to fully integrate cash, credit and reconciliation solutions underpinned by dynamic predictive analytics operating in real time, enabling them to control and accurately forecast their cash flow.

This ability to forecast and predict payments and collections behaviour is the cornerstone of our system; delivering finance professionals and their teams real-time visibility of their cash position and the ability to chase the right customers.

AI runs across all of our solutions from Cash Allocation, Bank Reconciliation, Collection and Credit Management, allowing the prediction of customer behaviour and a visibility of real-time data and analytics. In a digital world – these provide the cornerstone of efficiency and accuracy.

  • Ability to predict customer payment behaviour and timings
  • Take account of user intelligence – e.g. promise to pay
  • Real time cash position and forecasting
  • Eliminates unallocated cash

Alloc8 E-Commerce Reconciliation

E-commerce is rapidly expanding and the ability to remain in control and efficient is a challenge especially around the financial reconciliation process. Alloc8 E-Commerce Reconciliation

software meets these challenges.

Once an online order has been placed and purchased, then comes the difficult job of trying to reconcile the cash with your payment provider, your bank and your internal systems.

Alloc8 E-Commerce works in any country, using any payment type and currency, providing unrivalled reconciliation rates for cash.

The ability to match payments from multi-channels including credit card, merchant accounts, direct online sales and 3rd party channels can be complex.

Automating repetitive and manual tasks

Adding multi-currency, returned goods, or deductions can often make what appears a simple financial reconciliation a difficult one and can slow down growth and restrict cross channel opportunities and promotions. Using AI and automation, our system takes the pain out of manual processing and repetitive tasks; leaving E-commerce teams free to work on more value-added tasks.

Access to real-time payment data

Alloc8 E-Commerce reconciliation software allows you to take control, increase efficiency, drive cost savings and have greater insight into your financial data at the touch of a button providing the ability to future proof your online presence to offer additional benefits and improve customer service.

If you’re serious about E-commerce and want to get a competitive advantage – have a demo of our E-commerce solution.

  • Analysis of customer payment behaviour
  • Real-time data from all payment sources
  • Understand and predict your cash flow

Rimilia Forecast – Cash Flow Forecasting

If you wish you could press a button to get a fast and accurate working capital forecast, without the use of spreadsheets, then Rimilia Forecast is for you.

Its intelligent engine uses lots of different data, trends and smart rules to provide you with a clear, concise and accurate view of the cash flowing into your business. A simple and intuitive customer interface with great looking dashboards means you can rest easy in real-time, at the end of the month and at the end of the year knowing you do not have to worry about putting together cash flow forecasts.

Rimilia Forecast transforms Credit Management by enabling the AR team to focus on those customers who have a track record of not paying on time while monitoring those customers that generally do. This results in greater cash collections, reduced Debtor Days and complete understanding of the AR team’s effort and actions taken including performance reporting down to Credit Controller level.

How it works

All of our cash automation solutions come out of the box with cloud-based delivery, which means they can be up and running very quickly allowing you to begin enjoying the benefits within 6 weeks.

A simple and transparent pricing model means you will be able to enjoy a fast return on your investment and all our solutions are future proofed giving you peace of mind that any future upgrades are included in our pricing model so there are no hidden surprises.

Being able to offer such transparency is why we are proud of our 100% customer retention rate. Our innovative cash automation solutions all come with in-built learning capabilities that ensure that they adapt and self-learn continuously resulting in improving your process and increasing efficiencies with unrivalled match rates and razor sharp predictive analytics.

Using our unique award-winning software customers can be confident that they have the best solution today and for the future.